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Chapter II: The Federation's Objectives
and Terms of Reference

Article (4): The Federation aims at coordinating and benefiting among members in the fields of maritime transport & its services thereof, strengthening ties among them, and contributing to economic integration among Arab countries via accomplishing the Federation's mission and benefiting from the experiences thereof.
Article (6): Towards the realization of the general goals stipulated in Article (4) of this Statute, the Federation shall:

Provide support and assistance to the members thereof in the following fields:

1. Unifing the understanding , Setting and developing work mechanisms to achieve the best results relating to the field of maritime services and exchanging experiences among members for this purpose.

a. Acquiring advanced modern technology and synergizing the members' efforts to provide the best conditions, and working on developing such technology in a way appropriate in the field of maritime transport of the members' activities and the systems thereof.

b. Conducting researches related to the Federation's activities and economic feasibility studies for the projects due to be established, together with making recommendations as regards contacting specialized Arab and foreign houses of expertise.

c. Implementing new projects or expanding the already existing ones in a way that could help answer the needs of the Arab world.

d. Solving technical, commercial and other problems arising before the members in the course of technical information in the field of maritime services.

e. Conducting studies to unify & coordinating of navigational regulations in the Arab countries in the field of maritime services.

2. Urge and support members to act as one economical group in international activities especially in case of major troubles .

3. Helping members to solve marine's problems upon request.

4. Encourage members to activate the maritime trade by establishing joint Arab companies and submit the projects in maritime field .

5. Create synergized relations with other Arab federations and authorities towards realizing the objectives aspired by the Federation, and establish cooperation with foreign authorities related to the Federation's fields and activities.

6. Set training and qualifying programs to improve the staff's efficiency in the field of the Federation's activities together with providing assistance and support in the course of implementing such programs.

7. Helping members to fulfil there needs in technical & administrative workers.

8. Issue publications, journals and periodicals, and organize symposiums to achieve the Federation's objectives and purposes.

9. Participate in Arab and international symposiums and conferences if the themes thereof are related to the activities of the Federation or the members thereof. 

10. Gain the international experience in the maritime field and its services throughout subscriptions as a member in the international maritime organizations . 


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